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The Movie

The Music

The Live Show

Black Snow - The Oaks Disaster

The Oaks Disaster


In 1866, the worst disaster in British mining history occurred at The Oaks Colliery, Barnsley, South Yorkshire.
Why did it happen? What were the effects on the community, then and up to the present?

The Film


150 years later, in 2016,  director Stephen Linstead set about making a documentary film to examine these questions.
With cinematographer Andy Lawrence, and animator Alan Andrews, Stephen produced a multi-award winning 30 minute documentary film -

The Music


Stephen invited folk musician Jed Grimes to compose and arrange music for the  film.
Jed composed 'The Oaks Lament' as the film's main theme, and arranged  Johnny Handle's song 'Guard Yer Man Weel' with electronica producer
Rob File.
In 2018, the film music won an award for excellence at Atlanta, Georgia Film Festival.

The Statue


Graham Ibbeson, sculptor and the descendant of an Oaks disaster victim, was commissioned to produce a statue depicting a miner's wife and child hurrying to the disaster site.
Graham also speaks eloquently in the film about his work and what it means to him to have created this piece.

Oaks Commemoration Day


With the help of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, the statue was erected in  Barnsley and unveiled on May 7, 2017, marking the 150th anniversary  of the laying in Parliament of the Report of The Oaks Colliery  Explosion.
There were brass bands, banners and a huge turn-out to witness the unveiling: a powerful reminder of the ties that still bind this working community!

Black Snow - The Show


Director Stephen Linstead and BBC Folk Award Nominee Jed Grimes have devised an hour-long show including the film, songs and stories from mining history, and a Q&A session.
The show will appear at Edinburgh Fringe and other venues during 2018.
Enquiries here -
Agency Stoneyport Associates +44(0)7968 13737